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Details , a unique portal to promote best discounts and offers based on location, looking for business partners.
Terms and conditions
Admins will be legal entities in the respective region/country who are having statutory permission for doing online business. Admins are appointed in each region by QDISCOUNTS after detailed scrutiny of their business, company profile and business details. Their address will be displayed in ‘Contact us’ page and will be responsible for doing business in that region on behalf of QDiscounts. Admins will be acting as the point of contact in their region on behalf of QDISCOUNTS. Admins should purchase QPoints from QDISCOUNTS on a predefined rate which will be defined by QDISCOUNTS. QPoints then can be transferred by Admins directly to Sellers who are registered under him. Admins can also use their Business Associates to transfer QPoints through them. Every region will have an appointed admin via an agreement and QDISCOUNTS will be default admin in their absence in every region.
Disclaimer: Please note the original prices given by merchants at the time of publishing the deal are checked thoroughly. is not responsible for any variations to the original price made by merchants due to market fluctuations after publishing. For any issues please contact us.

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