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Sellers FAQs

1. How can I register in
Its easy to register
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Become a seller"
  3. Enter your email and password and click Register. A notification mail will be sent to the registered email Id for verification.
  4. Click on verify email button and fill the name and details with your location.
  5. Upload all your legal documents with its expiry date and wait for approval.
  6. You will get an email confirmation on approval and you are good to go.

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2. How do I sell on QDiscounts?

Once registered you can start posting advertisement. Login to our application using your seller credentials and click on "Post" button. Enter the title, description, original price, discount, terms and conditions. Be precise on what you sell and the offer you make.

3. How do the customers come to know of my products on sale?

There are two options:
Option 1 : Normal posting with Qpoints per day.
Option 2 : "Paid advertisements" which will be displayed on the top part of the website by scrolling from one side to another.

4. Is there any minimum number of products that needs to be sold?

No, we don't have a limit in terms of your advertisements nor the number of products that can be sold.

5. How do I get feedback from the customers on the items sold

Customers will be coming directly to you or you can deliver at their doorstep if possible. You can get the feedback directly from them.

6. Is there any registration fee for featuring our products on the QDiscounts site?

Yes. Registration of a seller for using our app is decided by the admin from time to time. On registration a seller will get rewarded with 120 QPoints which can be utilized for posting your advertisements.

7. Is there an expiry for the discount coupons offered on the site?

Yes. Being a seller you can decide on the expiry date or the number of stocks on which discount can be availed by the consumer.

8. How to update new discounts that the sellers offer?

You can go to "My Sales" after logging in and you can update using the edit option.

9. Can I get help from QDiscounts to create offers?

We will be happy to assist you. On registration, you will get the option to choose your point of contact in your region and you can see their contact details. They will be happy to help you to post advertisements.

10. Do I have to give a percentage of the profit I get to QDiscounts?

No. Profits need not be shared but there is a charge for posting advertisement on our website.

11. What is QPoints and from where can I get it?

All advertisements will be charged on the basis of Qpoints.1 Qpoint = 10 INR or equivalent. Qpoints can be purchased whenever you need it. You can buy it from your admin by sending a request and by paying the defined amount by cash or cheque or by bank transfer.

Buyers FAQs

1. How do I avail the discount featured on the QDiscounts website?

Its very simple. Register using your email and phone number. Select your offer. Get the code and wait for the email. Get the location of the seller, go to the seller, show the code and avail the offer.

2. I am unable to avail the displayed discount.

The discounts are decided by the seller and he will be the one responsible for providing the offer to you.

3. How to create an account on QDiscounts?

Just register using your email address and the phone number. Verify the email and you are good to go.

4. Do I need to have an account with QDiscounts to avail the offers?

Yes. Without registration, you cannot avail the discount code but that doesn't stop you from browsing through the offers.

5. How does the return policy work?

The return policy varies from seller to seller. Since this is a direct deal with the seller, they decide on the return policy.

6. How do I know if there are any freebies with the products the dealers offer?

There is an option to see hot deals/freebies in our website.

7. Can I review the offers across places or only the discounts available in my location?

You can see all offers in your location and other locations too.You can see more offers by clicking on the "view more" option.

8. How do I report an error on the website?

We will be happy to get error reports about our website through our email

9. Is there any customer support call center or email option?

As of now only online support is available .We will call you if required after seeing your requirement in email.

10. How do I register complaints?

Complaints can be registered on

11. Can I directly place an order through the QDiscounts website?

QDiscounts is providing only a technology platform. All purchases should be done directly with the seller of the specified location.

12. Do I have to make any payment to avail the discount code featured on the website?

No, being a buyer, discount code will come to your registered email and no payment is required.

13. Should any registration fee be paid to register and view the offers?

No, it's absolutely free of any charges.

14. Will there be an expiry date mentioned on the discount coupon?

Expiry date of the discounts are decided by the sellers and it will be available on the advertisement posted by the seller. However our coupon will not have an expiry date on it.

15. After receiving the coupon through email, is there any time limit within which the purchase should be done?

Yes it will be available only for limited time and/or until stocks last.